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You've got killer eyes and an ice cream tongue

We've got things to do while we're still young

3 December 1990
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Hi. I'm Kali.

I'm a discrete mathematics major at Georgia Tech. I'm from Maryland, and I went to Arundel High School. I've been there my entire life, and I'm loving the change of scenery.

I dance. At the risk of sounding like a verb commercial, it's what I do. It's what I love. What types? Ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip-hop, lyrical and pointe. I would love to get into ballroom. Currently, I dance for no one, nowhere. Kind of the downside of going to Tech. Oh well. I choreograph for my old high school company. I mostly choreograph modern and tap. I would give anything to dance again.

I'm not sure quite what else to say. My extrovert switch turned on when I got to Tech. I'm a nerd. I have an amazing boyfriend. I also have a very stupid robot. I miss my dog. My best friend is the shitttttt. We have our own language. I have a needle phobia. I'm bothered by open doors. I LOVE food.