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Kali [userpic]

July 24th, 2007 (06:39 am)


- jerry & jess's babies = black jexican yetis. mmm delish. lol
- jerry is now working at this place famous for hot dog eating contests cooking the hot dogs.
-my mom's first comment after hearing this - does he have to wear a weiner hat? cause that would be funny.
- teasing julian about jerry butt-raping him because jerry is bi. (wtf, bitch still hasn't fucking told me. fuck him, not literally anymore)
- jerry's best nerdy friends "do you actually think jess is pretty? cause she's not." "kali was pretty, jess isn't" "i can't believe you dumped kali for jess" etc etc. love it. makes me giggle. and these are the ones that thought i didn't exist.

i'm not bitter. lol. he was a jerk. and it's really funny to see his life running downhill. so many people hate him right now. oh well. his fault. not mine.

i'm thinking about breaking it off with ian. he seems realyl depressed, and i don't want to be part of the problem. and part of me really liked being single. cause then i can screw around with whoever. although that means wes will be back on my case. i can't mess around with him cause he'll think it means something. and that's bad. i already went through this once. and i'm not doing it again.

my life has been basically working and cleaning the past week or so. it's sad. i need people to come attack me. i don't care who. just anyone.

erm. and i need to be single for vacations. maybe not st maarten, cause amanda has adam and we won't be loookign for boys specifically, but when kir and i hit florida....mmmmmmm. hell yes.

anyhoo. that's my update on my life. yay!!!