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Kali [userpic]

February 20th, 2009 (07:35 pm)

Kirstyn changed her profile picture to the picture from Georgetown.

We started talking about how we miss it. I don't miss the people they are now. But I miss those times. That day. That week. I thought everything was perfect for that week.

We were so happy.

The night that Jerry got to my house. And I had made dinner. And I wanted everything to go perfect. And it did.

And then meeting Kirstyn and Julian at the train station. That was the perfect moment. A movie moment. They dropped their luggage and ran. And we ran. Kirstyn ran right past Jerry to hug me. Haha.

And then getting ready for the party. Picking up Sheez, setting up lights and food. And the actual party. We all stayed up, tired as hell, just to be together. Just to save those precious and rare moments.

And Georgetown. Getting lost in DC. Blasting rap music. Wasting the day away. Waiting for Sheezy to catch the bus. Getting verbally abused by that stupid homeless guy. "Oodles of noodles!!" Hahaha.

Playing poker when we got home. That was a beast game. I rocked them so bad. "Full house, you fail!!" Went all-in three times blind, and won all three. Epic win.

We thought we knew it all. We didn't. But it still felt great. To this day, ignoring all that happened after it, that may have been the best winter break I've ever had. It was pure fun, with good friend, and unforgettable memories.